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Encore Health Resources Introduces Expanded Suite of IT Solutions for Fast-Changing Healthcare Industry


 New CoreQUEST® Solution with CoreGPS® Data Tool harnesses the power of
health data -- guides healthcare organizations through and beyond mandated reform

HOUSTON, TX – Encore Health Resources, a leading provider of advanced healthcare information technology services, announced today the release of an expanded suite of solutions designed to meet the present and future demands of a rapidly transforming healthcare industry.  Encore’s proprietary CoreQUEST® Solution and its new CoreGPS® Data Tool broaden the capabilities of earlier solutions: they leverage the power of data to help health organizations succeed in an emerging environment of information-driven, value-based care-delivery that includes collaborative care models and CMS Value Based Purchasing.  Such models are based on the use of Electronic Quality Measures, or eMeasures, which qualify hospitals and providers for federal healthcare reform incentives payments.  

eMeasures are quality measures with electronic specifications.  These include the data elements, logic, and definitions for each measure in a format that can be captured or stored in an EHR.  This allows the data to be shared electronically with other entities in a structured, standardized, and unaltered format.  As such, eMeasures create a defacto “national standard” for capturing and reporting quality measures, beginning with those needed to meet federally mandated EHR “meaningful use” requirements.  But a longer-term benefit of eMeasures – one on which CoreQUEST and CoreGPS are built to capitalize -- is their power to facilitate new and extended opportunities for standardized performance measurement and quality improvement within health organizations and across the continuum of care.

CoreGPS is specifically designed to assess and document eMeasure content.  It is a key asset within Encore’s proprietary CoreQUEST solution, which fully encompasses and significantly extends Encore’s former EHRight® Solution. With the new data tool, Encore can help eligible hospitals and providers validate, monitor, and manage eMeasure criteria.  In addition, CoreGPS can help clients analyze and chart courses that surmount risks associated with six key performance components: functionality/certification, workflow, content, data validation, reporting, and adoption. 

CoreQUEST -- with CoreGPS -- begins by guiding client organizations in planning, building, implementing, and optimizing their EHR systems to support successful participation through all stages of the CMS EHR Incentive program.  Then, as health organizations move beyond the federal reform requirements, CoreGPS helps them capture the increasing volumes of rich clinical data needed to inform and accelerate the development of an analytics environment based on eMeasures.  Leveraging CoreGPS, healthcare organizations can continuously improve their strategic visions, thereby driving higher care quality while increasing operating efficiencies, lowering costs, and sharpening competitiveness.

“I am proud to introduce CoreQUEST and CoreGPS, which demonstrate the true breadth of the solutions and services Encore offers to guide clients through and beyond the current period of healthcare-industry reform,” said Dana Sellers, President and Chief Executive Officer, Encore Health Resources.  “Forged from Encore’s deep industry knowledge and years of experience, the CoreQUEST solution is based on five key ‘coordinates’ critical to implementing and managing eMeasures: the right Data, Content, Processes, Decision Making, and Technology.  CoreGPS supports management of these coordinates and charts a course that transforms data into information, allowing us to partner with each client to navigate the shortest route to success.”

CoreGPS is comprised of a reference library that details the technical eMeasure data requirements for the CMS EHR Incentive Program; a knowledge base of Encore experience and expert interpretation of eMeasures and vendor technology; and a dynamic framework for capturing clinical quality data to accelerate the design and build of a clinical analytics environment. The tool content is based on knowledge gained from more than 1,500 pages of government rules and industry specifications.  It is constantly being updated as the industry changes.

About Encore Health Resources:  Encore Health Resources, founded by healthcare veterans Ivo Nelson and Dana Sellers, provides information technology consulting services to the provider segment of the healthcare market.  For more information about Encore, CoreQUEST, and CoreGPS, please visit  A new CoreGPS Data Tool Brochure is also available.


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About CoreQUEST®

CoreQUEST® was designed around the “5 Coordinates” required to ensure that the system design, build and implementation first establishes a foundation to participate in the federal incentive program, and ultimately provides the information infrastructure needed to respond for the future.