EHRight in Real Life

EHRight In Real Life

Viewing the build through the perspective of core measures and meaningful use changes your implementation focus.  For example, a current Encore client is going live with CPOE this year.  Our knowledge of the quality measure to report on, “VTE prophylaxis addressed within 24 hours of admission” prompted us to suggest to this client a build adjustment.  The client is now incorporating a VTE section in all of the Admission and Post-Operative order sets which requires an order be selected by the clinician.  One of the orders is “VTE Prophylaxis Not Applicable.”  Within this order, Encore built a discrete field with a list of available exclusion criteria straight from the CMS website.  This allows our client to report on why VTE prophylaxis was not applicable.  Encore was able to leverage our knowledge of the quality measures with our expertise in EHR functionality to avoid revisiting over 250 order sets down the road. 

This is just one example of how we are improving today while building knowledge for the future.