EHRight® Data Tool

The GPS for Healthcare Reform

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To help our clients prepare for eMeasures, we have developed the EHRight® Data Tool. We use the EHRight® Data Tool to guide your EHR implementation, system selection, and/or remediation of an existing EHR to capture the necessary data. This tool also accelerates mapping from the EHR source to target systems to reuse and repurpose the data for reporting and analysis as well as for sharing and exchanging data. Having all the attributes about the data in the EHR source system can reduce the data analysis and mapping time by 50% or more.

The EHRight® Data Tool includes knowledge from over 1,500 pages of government rules and industry specifications and is constantly being updated as the industry changes. The tool contains:

  • 39 measures definitions (all hospital MU measures)
  • 100+ individual data elements
  • 700+ unique data element mappings
  • 70+ value sets consisting of over 3,500 individual codes
  • 250+ questions (MU and healthcare related)

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About EHRight®

Encore Health Resources helps clients achieve their immediate goals while preparing for the future. Our proprietary EHRight® knowledgebase and approach help organizations focus their planning, implementations and optimizations around the right data, right processes, and right people to meet information needs for quality, cost, revenue, and regulatory compliance.