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Encore’s Value-based Performance Improvement (VPI) lifecycle of services and software tools helps healthcare organizations meet and exceed thresholds for quality and performance measures to obtain incentives and avoid penalties.


Encore’s newest solution, the Value-based Performance Improvement lifecycle, is helping clients across our industry gain new insights that drive value and ensure a future of intelligent health performance. Click on each step below to learn more!


1.Encore provides strategy services focused on:

  • HIT Strategy and Planning
  • BI Strategy and Roadmap
  • HIE and Interoperability Strategy and Planning

ACO HIT Strategy and Planning Encore's Assessment Services include:

  • Commercial contracts and/or government incentive quality measures review
  • MU Program and Attestation readiness
  • MU Audit of Evidence readiness

CoreGPS is Encore's proprietary data tool that supports assessments and tracks risk at the individual measure and overall program level.

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2.Implement & Optimize EHR & Financial Systems

Encore partners with organizations through each phase of an implementation or optimization to address all of the following and more:


CoreGPS is the data tool that tracks design and build, and identifies the data source for individual quality program measures and associated data elements to inform reporting and analytics.

  • Plan - Vision and Guiding Principles; Project Governance; Scope; Timeline & Budget
  • Design - Workflow and Process; Policy and Key Decisions; System Build & Reporting
  • Deploy
  • Test
  • Train
  • Go Live Stabilize/Optimize
  • Issue Resolution
  • Organizational Governance
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3. Business Intelligence services focus on these key areas:

  • Strategy and Roadmap
  • Data Governance
  • Source Data Mapping and Capture Implementation
  • Establishment of a data chain of trust

Powered by CoreANALYTICS, Encore's proprietary Analytics engine:

  • Allows full or modular deployment of the Data Acquisition Engine, Certified Integrated Data Warehouse, and Performance Dashboards
  • Acquires data from source systems
  • Uses that data for specific eMeasure calculations
  • Produces reports through interactive dashboards to drive performance improvement
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4. Perhaps the most important facet of the continuous performance improvement lifecycle is turning knowledge into results. Encore's proprietary analytics engine, CoreANALYTICS™, delivers actionable information and intelligence that enable stakeholders across the organization to:

  • Inform risk-sharing contract negotiations
  • Monitor contracted goals and parameters to achieve a variety of program and contract incentives such as Meaningful Use EHR Program Incentives and others
  • Measure process adherence
  • Measure patient outcomes and experience
  • Inform and track clinical quality and operational improvements

The full lifecycle suite of services and software assets together establish the data chain of trust to drive value-based performance improvement (receive bonuses, improve quality and outcomes and reduce costs)

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