With the introduction of the ARRA HITech Act and the emphasis on reporting CMS clinical quality measures electronically, HIT efforts have shifted from simply automating processes and implementing inpatient and ambulatory EHR’s, to deploying EHR’s in a way that enables organizations to analyze costs, revenue, and report quality. Many organizations that have already implemented an EHR are now revisiting and retooling their implementations for this crucial information.

Encore was founded with the vision to go beyond standard “best practice” process redesign and into information transformation. We have developed our CoreQUEST® approach and CoreGPS® knowledgebase to help providers plan, implement, optimize, and analyze systems and data for your organization’s needs and your goals for information transformation, such as:

  • Consolidating duplicate silos of information
  • Qualifying for incentive money
  • Ensuring better reimbursements
  • Establishing the world of quality