Tools & Resources

CoreQUEST®: CoreQUEST® Services maximize project value by focusing project planning, implementations, and optimizations around the "5 Rights".

CoreANALTYICS ™: Allows for full or modular deployment in a vendor neutral environment, enabling an organization to optimize any prior investment in data warehousing and data acquisition solutions.

CoreGPS® Data Tool: The GPS for Healthcare Reform.

Anatomy of an eMeasure: (Flash Video) Understanding the “Anatomy of an e-Measure” unlocks the tools for content, build, and workflow.

Awash in Data: (Flash Video) eMeasures as a Foundation for Quality and Payment.

Case Studies: Learn more about how Encore clients are leveraging our CoreQUEST® approach and knowledgebase to plan, implement, optimize, and analyze their organization’s systems and data here.

Thought Leadership: Select presentations presented by Encore and our client partners at today's leading HIT events.


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