Encore’s newest solution, the Value-based Performance Improvement lifecycle featuring CoreANALYTICS software tools, is helping clients across our industry gain new insights that drive value and ensure a future of intelligent health performance. Encore’s methodology and data tools bring a level of granularity unmatched by other implementation methods, capturing the right data with the right workflow from the beginning. Encore’s services and tools are focused on getting the source data right for measures pertinent to quality improvement, payment and reimbursement. Encore’s plug-and-play analytics engine allows full or modular deployment, enabling organizations to optimize any prior investment in data warehousing and data acquisition solutions. Encore’s analytics engine delivers the information needed to drive improvement for patient care and financial performance.

Encore Health Resources: Healthcare IT Consulting

Encore’s suite of services is supplemented by robust software tools, proven methodologies and seasoned consultants. Our comprehensive and innovative lifecycle of services are focused on driving value-based performance improvement quickly and cost effectively leveraging your existing investments:

  • ADVISE Strategy, Planning, Assessments & Selections
  • IMPLEMENTImplementation & Optimization of EHR/EMR Systems
  • ANALYZE Analytics & Business Intelligence
  • IMPROVE Value-based Performance Improvement

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