CoreQUEST® helps hospitals:

  • Plan Strategically: CoreQUEST® brings industry experts and knowledge to align a hospital’s IT organization and services to proactively respond to dynamic industry changes.
  • Select the Best EHR Vendor: CoreQUEST® provides a set of vendor questions and clinical scenarios based on final rules for meaningful use and certified EHR technology to help health systems choose a vendor with both functionality and commitment to attain certification and support clients’ achievement of meaningful use.
  • Design Appropriately: CoreQUEST® provides a review of EHR system functionality, content, work-flow, and processes to assess gaps in a hospital’s ability to achieve meaningful use and provide tactical readiness and risk mitigation plans.
  • Support New Implementations through Completion: CoreQUEST® offers expert clinical guidance in evaluating implementation workflow and influencing design decisions that promote the capture of essential data.
  • Optimize Existing EHR systems: CoreQUEST® applies high-level gap analysis and meaningful use tracking tools to assess the status of current build projects and identify processes, content and data needed to accomplish meaningful use.