Performance Analytics: Enabling New Insights from EHR Data

Can Your Data Do More?

Healthcare providers have made strides toward building a digital clinical data foundation fueled by participation in incentive-based electronic measure programs, such as the CMS EHR Incentive Program (Meaningful Use).


Creating this foundation depends on consistent work¬flows in Electronic Health
Records (EHRs) that enable capture of required structured data to meet the program requirements and qualify for incentive payments. While successful attestation fulfills program requirements and yields the associated benefits, it does not guarantee the clinical data captured will transform patient care.
The EHR clinical data concepts, conditions and events designed in the Meaningful Use data set and other government programs provide the means to unlock valuable insights into workflow effectiveness, patient care, and clinical outcomes.

Instead of merely meeting government requirements, Encore can help you use this data to:

  • Improve clinical outcomes and reduce costs
  • Demonstrate value in evidence-based medicine
  • Unlock resource utilization insights present in patient data
  • Driven by resource utilization?
  • Driven by overspend?
  • In quality? Outcomes? Resource
  • Where does the variation exist?
    • By IDN?
    • By region?
    • By facility?
    • By department?
    • By provider?
  • Have you created specific templates or care plans?
    • Are they evidence based?
    • Are clinicians using them?
    • Do they help avoid duplicate tests?
    • Is the workflow right for the population?
  • Is evidence-based care being followed in high risk, high spend clinical conditions?
    • If not, why? What is its impact?

Getting Started with Performance Analytics


Creating these advanced insights requires multi-disciplinary expertise and proven analytic tools. To do this, Encore has created a team of clinical domain experts, EHR data experts, biostatisticians, data scientists, and workflow optimization experts. This team can help your organization start a Performance Analytics program by:

  • Piloting PA with a single target disease or condition
  • Identifying gaps in care and opportunities for clinical intervention
  • Helping your organization create a PA program office through guidance and consultative support on the appropriate skills, tools, methods, processes, and data governance activities
  • Providing specific skills to augment your own Performance Improvement efforts:
    • Analytics: Data scientists, biostatisticians
    • Data: IT to support existing analytic programs or build new programs
    • Performance Improvement: Trained PI resources to drive performance improvement based on insights
  • Building and managing the entire program (multi-year managed services)
  • Aggregating the de-identified data for collaboration, comparison, and benchmarking

Let Encore help your organization realize the full potential of your EHR clinical data. We can help you identify specific, actionable insights focused around cost, variation, and best practices and then work with you to implement a data-driven performance improvement analytics program.

For more information on Encore’s Performance Analytics, please contact Jon Morris at (919) 998-1937 or at [email protected].