An EHR implementation is one of the most sweeping, resource-intense projects most healthcare providers will ever undertake. Since these implementations are so critical, Encore has developed our HealthCheck service to review your implementation progress, provide validation, and suggest course correction as needed. Encore’s HealthCheck provides insight into critical questions no matter where you are in your implementation –from early planning stages to pre-go-live:

  • Are we off to the right start?
  • How can we increase the probability of success?
  • How can we increase the value of the program to the organization?
  • How can we increase user satisfaction and keep our timeline?
  • Are we ready to go live?

Encore can perform a HealthCheck assessment at any time during the implementation process. Our EHR experts, following a structured approach honed by years of experience, know where to look for potential vulnerabilities to improve your implementation. From these findings, the HealthCheck team suggests actionable recommendations which they validate with your team. The findings in each area are classified as red/yellow/green to help you prioritize. These recommendations, along with the underlying findings, highlight where risks exist and suggesting where to focus your limited project resources to improve your  implementation, end user satisfaction and clinical and operational outcomes.

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